William Buonocore, Guitarist

“Guitarist William Buonocore played with taste and mastery...”
                                The Boston Globe   June 4, 1988
“Buonocore proved to be a guitar player of considerable virtuosity and lovely sound.”
                                The Strad    September 1988
“William Buonocore was the excellent guitarist.”
                                The Boston Globe    May 15, 1989
“Buonocore played with vivid clarity...shining precision...as clean and clear as crystal.”
                                The Inquirer and Mirror  (Nantucket, MA)    May 25, 1989
“...notes sprinkled from two guitars in a display of rare imagination and skill. Buonocore, who doubled on mandolin, shone...”
                                The Sun  (Lowell, MA)    September 24, 1990
"..the excellent guitarist William Buonocore;"
                                The Boston Globe    April 26, 1991
"The concert was just great...superb"
                               The Standard Times  (New Bedford, MA)    May 16, 1991
"...the fingers sensitively coaxed it to sing delicate songs."
                               Chautauquan Daily (Chautauqua, NY)    August 22, 1991
“soulful...subtle...clean as a whistle”
                                The Boston Globe    October 29, 1991
"...employing William Buonocore on the mandolin, yielded up a picture of almost feverishly driven invention...the effect was exhilarating."
                                The Boston Globe    October 5, 1993
"Special applause for William Buonocore on mandolin"
                                Boston Phoenix    November 13, 2003
"The guitar work...was particularly haunting"
                               HippoPress    May 2005
"exquisite guitar playing"
                               Patriot Ledger    March 25, 2009

Reviews from Students:

Bill is the best instrumental teacher I've ever had. He has the rare gift of being extremely supportive while upholding high expectations. He doesn't allow you to cut corners and works hard to help you solve your musical challenges. I highly recommend Bill as a teacher.

Bill is the best teacher around. His extensive performance experience makes all the difference - he knows every tip, trick and nuance in the book that changes every piece from just a set of notes to a performance of color, grace and subtlety. His knowledge of the guitar repertoire never fails to amaze. And he's wonderfully patient with everyone - you don't have to play like Bream or Russell.

I have been a student of Bill's for almost three years. Bill's teaching is characterized by clarity of expression, high standards, patience and an upbeat and pleasant disposition. He is always clear and direct when explaining the technical aspects of playing- no matter how complex the matter at hand. He holds you ( and himself) to a high standard- no shortcuts- you learn to do it right. Yet he is so pleasant to be with that every minute of every lesson is truly enjoyable. Every time I leave I am ready to practice and can't wait to return.